The brew day: Gluten-free Belgian ale

Then the day came when it was time for the brewing the first gluten-free brew, for this recipe see previous post: Belgian Ale

1. All ingredients

2. Heat up the water and pour in the gluten-free oats

3. In another big saucepan I pour Sorghum Syrup in a boiling hot water.

4. Now it’s time for the hops

5. The brew is boiling hot

6. Stir occasionally

7. After 60 min of boil, we filter the brew and pour it in the fermenter. Do not forget that the brew should be approx. 20 degrees before you pour in the yeast. Stir properly.

8. Now its time to measure OG and wirite it down, you’ll need it to check the alcohol content when the fermentation is ready in about 2 weeks.

9. On with the lid. Now its minimum 10 days (often more) of fermentation.


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