Recipe, Gluten-free Belgian ale

  To 10 liters of Gluten-free ALE you need:

– Gluten-free oats (Avena sativa), roasted in oven for 90 minutes, then poured in hot water (60-80 celcius) for 30 minutes.
– Durra Sorghum syrup 1 can, cooking time 60min
– Bitter hops: East Kent Golding pellet 30g, cooking time 60min
– Taste hops: East Kent Golding pellet 6g, cooking time 20min

– Aroma hops: Perle whole hops 16g, cooking time 5min– Belgian candy syrup, 100g for color and taste, cooking time 5min

– Yeast: Lallemand Abbaye Gluten-free Belgian beer yeast 11 g

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